Polkadot — Talisman Wallet Update

On February 16th, Talisman wallet released version 0.10.0 of their Polkadot and Kusama browser wallet! Here are the patch notes from their Discord server. Click here to join the Talisman Discord.


  • Greatly improved chain selector in the asset transfer modal
  • Transactions in signing requests are now ‘decoded’ and displayed in the “View Details” drawer of the signing request popup
  • Testnet tokens (Mandala and Westend) are now displayed in token balances if they are present


  • The embedded popup now has a subtle border and will be more visible against dark backgrounds
  • Improve display of URLs on the connect authorization page
  • Improve display of long account names on the connected sites drawer
  • Extension browser icon now changes color depending on OS desktop color theme

Alpha Wednesday Commendations

The Talisman team are giving out commendations “for providing feedback and testing our Alpha builds, dropping every Wednesday to get us to launch of the Public Beta.” If you would like to be a part of the alpha team that tests the wallet and be eligible for commendations, head over to their Discord!




Avid crypto investor; Bachelors of Finance

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Polkadot P4t

Polkadot P4t

Avid crypto investor; Bachelors of Finance

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