Daily Dose of DOT — 2/25/2022

Aventus Network & Scytale Ventures

The Aventus Network has teamed up with Scytale Ventures in hopes of winning a parachain slot. Aventus Network is a layer 2 blockchain protocol that aims at scalability, speed, and lower transaction fees. A lot of information is undisclosed, but we do know that the partnership included a grant of DOT. You can learn more about the partnership here!

InterlayHQ Wins 10th Auction

On February 24th, InterlayHQ successfully won the 10th Polkadot parachain slot. They will be onboarded sometime around March 11th, 2022. Interlay, as per their website, “realizes the true free nature of BTC and decentralized finance. A 1:1 Bitcoin-back asset, fully collateralized, interoperable, and censorship-resistant.” Click here to go to the Interlay website.

Talisman Update 0.11.0

Here are the patch notes for update 0.11.0!


  • Added a toggle in the settings to show/hide testnet tokens
  • Made the assets select dropdown in the send modal much nicer
  • Improved the display of balances so that we show a nice number of decimal places depending on the amount
  • Added a cool ‘counting up’ animation to the balances
  • Addresses are now validated in the past address field in the send modal


  • Upgraded the extension data stores to prevent several potential bugs
  • Fixed an issue where the version number pill would reload every time the navigation change was made in the dashboard
  • Removed unnecessary boarders from the dashboard
  • Fixed issues on send funds modal for Moonbeam users
  • Fixed issue where imported accounts would be counted when calculating derivation paths for new accounts
  • Fixed missing logos in asset picker in send funds modals
  • Replaced light/dark themed icon with a single icon
  • In the authorization screen for connecting a new site, the ‘Cancel’ button has now been renamed to ‘Reject’ in order to describe more clearly the function. An additional ‘Ignore’ option has been added.

There is some big news coming up with Talisman so be on the lookout for that!

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