Astar News — 4/3/2022

DigiFinex — Spark Plan

On 4/2/2022, Astar Network put out an announcement explaining that DigiFinex is launching the Spark Plan. This is a listing opportunity for Astar because the projects that are voted the most have a chance of being listed on DigiFinex! If you would like to vote, click here. In order to vote, you must have at least 50 USDT in your DigiFinex account. DigiFinex should be posting the results of the campaign no later than April 9th, 2022. Stay tuned!

$200,000,000 Ethereum Assets Bridged

On April 3rd, Astar Hub Twitter posted the following tweet.

This is an amazing achievement for the Astar Network and CelerNetwork especially. This shows that more and more assets and people are crossing the bridge and coming over to the Astar Network. These last few weeks have proven essential for Astar Network and it has been great to see it grow so fast first hand.

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